The Group


We create value by striving to be the best partner for our customers, by delivering elements, systems and services for rail-vehicles.


The company's vision has been developed based on 4 objectives:

  1. Financial objective - Consistent commitment to good financial results of the company. Running and developing the company based on solid economic foundations while constantly improving the profitability.
  2. Market objective - Striving to achieve the position of a leading supplier of modern solutions for rolling stock and the position of the market leader in the production of traction and buffing gear for freight cars, passenger cars, engines and urban transport vehicles.
  3. Structural objective - Constant improvement of the business, following the needs of customers, creating new products and entering new markets.
  4. Human resources objective - Providing employees with a fair salary and competitive working conditions. Commitment to improving their qualifications, promoting a work safety culture and business ethics.
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map colour - Axtone's strong and solid positions  in world markets

Objectives of CSR activities

In terms of CSR activities, Axtone approaches its activities in a comprehensive and holistic manner. They are based on three key goals:

  • Providing sustainable human resources management through professional employee development, competence and skills improvement.
  • Promoting positive relations with the local community the goal comprises the group’s social and charity activities.
  • Promoting pro-environmental solutions and behaviours  by environmental education and reduction of the Axtone Group's negative impact on the natural environment.

Good CSR practices:

1.Sponsorship for the Logistics Class in cooperation with the Kańczuga School Complex

The Technical School of Logistics has become part of the educational opportunity offered by the Kańczuga School Complex. Our company provided the sponsorship for the class. Establishing a cooperation between the School and the Axtone Group helps young people to prepare for their working life by giving them an opportunity to receive not only theoretical education but to gain experience as well. As part of the sponsorship, our Company provides the students with internship opportunities and educational equipment. Moreover, the three top students will receive a scholarship of 100 to 200 zlotys monthly.


2. Supporting local initiatives. Financial support for local special education centres

The Axtone Group provides financial support for local special education centres (kindergartens, schools, orphanages). Every year we participate in the campaign for the students of the primary school in Kańczuga called ‘Walk to school safely’. We also support two other campaigns: ‘Help the kids survive winter’ and ‘The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’.


3. Be flexible with Axtone. Polish competition for students of technical universities

In order to build long-term cooperation with technical universities and to promote young talents, the AXTONE Company organizes the national Polish competition for students of technical universities - BE FLEXIBLE WITH AXTONE. The winners will enjoy a three-month internship - an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day business of our organisation. Read more about the competition in the News section.


4. Development of the staff: professional development, competence and skills improvement

Axtone’s employees are one of the most important groups of their stakeholders. So their development is a crucial part of our CSR activities. Axtone’s employees upgrade their professional qualifications and broaden their skills by participating in numerous on-site trainings, conferences, courses, development and mentoring programs. We provide our employees with the environment to share knowledge and experience with the aim of improving operational efficiency of the organisation.